Top 9 YAMM Alternatives to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

Top 9 YAMM Alternatives to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

YAMM is a tool that aims to simplify email outreach for marketers, with features like bulk personalized emails and real-time tracking. But YAMM isn’t the only option. And for a lot of teams, it definitely isn’t the best.

In this article, Mail Merge will explore nine alternatives to YAMM that help with everything from mail merges to email automation. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of each tool’s use cases, so you can make an informed choice for your business.

Ready to upgrade your email marketing strategy? Let’s dive in.

What is YAMM?

YAMM (or Yet Another Mail Merge, for long) is a powerful add-on for Google Workspace that lets users use Google Sheets to personalize emails in bulk, create rich email templates, and track results in real-time.

Key Features

  • Google Workspace Integrations: Use templates in Gmail to create and send personalized emails.

  • Schedule mail merges: Increase your open rate by scheduling your emails at the right time.

  • Email Notifications: Send notifications to respondents when your form gets a submission.


YAMM’s Free plan supports 50 recipients/day, and gives you access to basic features. Personal ($25/year) and Professional ($50/year) each give one user access to daily recipients. If you want more than one user, you’ll need to choose a Team plan that supports the number of users you need.




Why Look for a YAMM Alternative?

While YAMM has some solid capabilities, it has a few weaknesses that can affect your business goals. 

Let’s look at a few of them:

  • The free plan is limited. You don’t get access to key features like merge scheduling and full support.

  • The multi-user pricing model is bad for teams. If you want you subscribe to YAMM for 51 users, you need to pay for 100.

9 Best YAMM Alternatives

Finding a great alternative to YAMM can be a time-consuming challenge. That’s why we have created this list of the 9 best YAMM alternatives for mail merge, email automation, and more.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

  1. Mail Merge: Best for Sending Personalized Mass Emails from Gmail

  2. GMass: Best for Automated Follow-Ups

  3. Mailerlite: Best for Growing and Nurturing Your Audience

  4. Moosend: Best for Marketing Teams

  5. Emma: Best for Email Marketing

  6. Constant Contact: Best for Multichannel Marketing

  7. Mailchimp: Best for Audience Management

  8. Mailshake: Best for Content Managers and Sales Teams

  9. Woodpecker: Best for Cold Email Marketing

#1: Mail Merge: Best for Sending Personalized Mass Emails from Gmail

Mail Merge is a mail merge add-on for Gmail that allows you to send personalized emails in bulk using data from a Google Sheet. With this tool, you can send up to 1,500 emails per day—with each subject line, body, and attachment personalized to the recipient. 

Mail Merge also gives you valuable insights into campaign performance by tracking open,  and reply rates directly in Google Sheets.

Key Features

  • Bulk Emails: Send up to 1,500 emails per day with Gmail and Google Sheets.


  • Deep Personalization: Personalize subject lines, body content, and attachments for each recipient.


  • Campaign Reports: Track open, reply, and conversion rates directly in Google Sheets.


  • Manage Unsubscribes: Add unsubscribe links to your emails to give your subscribers the option to opt-out.



You can kick-start your lead generation and prospecting email campaigns by sending up to 50 emails per day with Mail Merge’s Free plan. Standard allows for 250 emails per day at $2.99/user/month, and Premium allows for 1,500 emails per day for $3.99/user/month.



  • Real-time email tracking to evaluate your marketing campaign

  • Schedule and send emails at the ideal times 

  • Email deliverability booster to ensure emails don’t land in spam folders


  • Limited number of emails on the free plan

#2: GMass: Best for Automated Follow-Ups

GMass is another great cloud-based Gmail and Google Sheets add-on that lets you send personalized mass emails. It offers users a simple set of features to optimize their email campaigns, such as spam trigger testing and automatic follow-us.

Key Features

  • Email Reporting Analytics: Analyze key metrics to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Automatic Follow-up Emails: Improve response rates by sending automatic follow-up emails.

  • Spam Trigger Testing: Test your emails for potential spam triggers before sending them out.


GMass offers three plans—Standard ($19.95/month), Premium ($29.95/month), and Enterprise ($49.95/month). The last pricing package gives you more advanced features, such as A/B testing, email support, etc.



  • Easy integration with Gmail

  • Processes and manages mass emails for marketing activities

  • Easy to make follow-ups


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Slow customer support

#3: Mailerlite: Best for Growing & Nurturing Your Audience

If you're searching for an email tool to help create eye-catching newsletters, look no further than Mailerlite. This cloud-based platform combines drag-and-drop design tools, a powerful HTML editor, and audience analytics to help you craft more engaging emails that grow your audience.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Blocks: Create dynamic, interactive newsletters with drag-and-drop blocks.

  • Subscriber Segmentation: Group your subscribers by size, age, country, or by activities, like open and reply rates to send the most relevant message.

  • Marketing Automation: Automate your marketing campaigns to improve efficiency and onboarding for new clients. 


You can start with the Free (12,000 monthly emails) that offers basic features such as the drag-and-drop editor, email support, and more. Upgrading to Growing Business ($9/month for unlimited emails) or Advanced ($19/month for unlimited emails) will get you more advanced features like ecommerce blocks and automation.




  • The free plan offers many core features to start a marketing campaign

  • The drag-and-drop editor helps create top-quality content

  • Quick email support


  • Lack of detailed download reports

  • Pop-ups need improvement

#4: Moosend: Best for Marketing Teams

Moosend is best for marketing teams that are looking for a simple marketing automation tool to support their email marketing efforts. You can use filters, actions, and events to automate workflows like follow-ups and email triggers. Plus, its customer segmentation feature lets you deliver the right message to the right audience.

Key Features

  • A/B Testing: Run split tests to figure out which choices encourage more opens and clicks. 

  • Content Management and Spam Checking: Create and schedule your emails to increase email deliverability and reduce bounce rates.

  • Customizable Templates: Save time by using customizable templates to create top-notch emails.



Use Moonsend’s free plan to try out the software and enjoy features such as marketing channels. Or opt for the Pro plan ($9/month) with more advanced features, like creating landing pages and sending emails to more subscribers. The Enterprise package is available as a custom arrangement.




  • Integrates with many tools

  • Pro plan has several useful features

  • Delivers unlimited emails


  • Limited personalization and old templates

  • Free plan offers limited customer support

#5: Emma: Best for Email Marketing Team Management

Emma is an email marketing software that empowers teams to collaborate on customer-focused email campaigns. Its tiered dashboards let teams run and manage campaigns, share documents and templates, measure progress, and prepare reports with ease.

Key Features

  • Email Analytics: Get a quick view of your marketing performance on the responsive dashboard. 

  • Email Editor: Easily design for desktop and mobile to delight your audience.

  • Marketing Automation: Create personal, relevant, and prompt emails.


Emma’s Basic plan starts at $99/month and offers a drag-and-drop editor, email and support, and built-in integrations. You can get the same features plus landing pages with Emma Essential for $159/month. Emma for Teams ($249/month) has additional features, like a tiered account structure, and more.





  • Speedy and responsive customer support

  • Easy to set up and learn

  • Advanced features to launch marketing campaigns


  • Delays in sending automated emails

  • Editor has limited features in terms of color, links, etc.

#6: Constant Contact: Best for Multichannel Marketing

Constant Contact is a powerful email marketing and marketing automation tool that allows you to create and launch segmented marketing campaigns. It sports an intuitive drag and drop interface to design customized emails and helps you automate workflows for a range of channels, including SMS and social. 

Relevant Features

  • Reporting: Understand customer behavior by tracking open rates, reply rates, click rates, and more.

  • Templates: Choose from hundreds of top-notch templates to create gorgeous emails.

  • Customer List Management: Segment your email list to organize your contacts in one place and deliver personalized messages.




Core ($9.99/month) features include templates, sign-up forms, integrations, and more. More advanced features, like content specialization, are available with the Plus plan ($45/month).


  • Easy to sign up

  • User-friendly interface

  • Detailed reporting on open rates, reply rates and click rates


  • List management UI needs improvement

  • Not easy to customize reporting features

#7: Mailchimp: Best for Audience Management

Mailchimp is another email marketing tool that makes it easy to drive revenue through email thanks to a wide range of audience management and analytics tools. Features like predictive demographics, behavioral targeting, and custom tags help you target your audience with content that speaks to them.

Key Features

  • Reporting: Monitor customer activities via built-in analytics and reporting.

  • Segmentation and Groups: Classify your customers according to their responses, age, and interests to deliver personalized messages.

  • Email Delivery: Increase email deliverability by ensuring your emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes.


You can start your email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp’s Free plan and send up to 1,000 emails per month to 500 contacts. 


Pricing for Mailchimp’s paid plans depends on the number of contacts you have, but the starting prices for 500 contacts are: Essentials ($13/month), Standard ($20/month), and Premium ($350/month). As you move up the tiers, you gain access to more monthly email sends and more advanced audience management tools.



  • Segmentation improves open and reply rates

  • Marketing automation frees up time for other vital tasks

  • Integrates with many tools


  • The email builder lacks adequate customization options

  • Customer support is only available on the premium plan

#8: Mailshake: Best for Content Managers and Sales Teams

Mailshake prides itself on ensuring your emails land in your recipient’s inbox—not in spam. It’s a sales engagement tool that enables your content managers and sales teams to identify your most engaged leads, send personalized cold emails, and reach out across multiple channels.

Key Features

  • Automated Email Outreach: Reach out to prospects with targeted outreach campaigns and automated follow-ups.

  • Reporting: Keep tabs on opens, clicks, and replies for delivered emails.

  • Lead Catcher: Manage and prioritize leads by identifying which are most likely to convert.


Mailshake offers a pricing package for Email Outreach ($58/seat/month) that includes 5,000 prospect finder credits, support for a range of email providers, and more. The Sales Engagement plan ($83/seat/month) offers features designed for larger sales teams, like 10,000 prospect finder credits and a power dialer.




  • Easy to connect the email accounts of multiple providers

  • Clean and intuitive interface

  • Easy to use and learn


  • Limited number of emails you can send per day

  • Only integrates with Zapier CRM

#9: Woodpecker: Best for Cold Email Marketing

If you want to improve your cold email conversion rates, Woodpecker can help. It offers a ton of features designed to make cold emailing quicker, easier, and more effective, including email list validation, automatic follow-ups, and even support for LinkedIn prospecting.

Key Features

  • Personalization: Increase open rates by creating customer-centric emails and optimizing your send time based on each prospect's timezone.

  • Stats and Tracking: Fine-tune your marketing strategy by monitoring opens, responses, clicks, and bounces.

  • Multichannel Outreach: Schedule cold emails to reach out to prospects on LinkedIn.


The pricing of Woodpecker’s products depends on the number of prospects you want to contact monthly. Cold Email starts at $49/month and comes with everything you need for cold email outreach. For features like A/B testing and multichannel support (calls, SMS, and LinkedIn), you’ll need to subscribe to Sales Team.



  • Great integrations

  • Detailed analytics and dashboards

  • 24/7 customer service


  • UI could be improved

  • Quickly gets expensive as you add users


    #10: Bonus : Mail Merge How Simple: The underdog

    A new player in the industry they describe themselves as "the most simple and reliable Mail Merge for Gmail". Hard to say the contrary. Mail Merge How Simple seems to perfectly match his description.


Upgrade Your Email Outreach With Mail Merge for Gmail

If you’re looking for a tool that has the features and flexibility needed to personalize (and optimize) your mass email campaigns, Mail Merge for Gmail is the way to go.

Our Gmail add-on lets you send up to 1,500 emails per day directly from Gmail. It’s easy to set up, and even easier to use—just input your data into Google Sheets and Mail Merge will handle the rest.

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